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Teeth Cleaning or dental cleaning is a 30 min to 1-hour long procedure which is carried out by a dental professional or a dental hygienist. Teeth cleaning, also known as dental cleaning or deep dental cleaning, should be done twice a year by a dental professional to maintain oral health and keep the teeth and gums clean and safe from the issues like calculus teeth, dental plaque, gum diseases, tooth decay etc.

About Teeth Cleaning

For the most part, teeth cleaning or dental cleaning is painless. However, if you have any anxieties regarding the procedure, tools used, then it is better to be informed about the deep dental cleaning procedure and all its steps to be fully prepared and to have a stress-free experience.

Professional dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are usually performed by Registered Dental Hygienists. Your teeth cleaning appointment at Fisher & Orfaly Dental will include the following steps:

Fisher & Orfaly Dental offers a range of orthodontic treatments along with teeth cleaning services. You will feel the difference after the treatment. Your teeth will feel fresher and cleaner than before.

Hazards Of Not Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Professionally

We all have grown up listening to the importance of brushing teeth twice a day! However, having a good oral routine, getting teeth cleaning or deep dental cleaning done twice a year is also very necessary and important to maintain good oral health. Because it not only means good oral hygiene but also that you’re preventing further damage and protecting your overall health.

If you are not getting teeth cleaning or deep dental cleaning done professionally, you might end up with the following issues:

What Is The Difference Between Tartar and Plaque?

Tartar vs Plaque :

Dental plaque is a transparent, sticky film on the teeth which is made up of bacteria. Dental plaque constantly forms on the teeth as a result of consuming food and drinks. Bacteria in the dental plaque are constantly feeding on the sugar and food particles in the mouth. These bacteria also secrete acids in your mouth that are harmful to your oral health and may lead to damaged tooth enamel, cavities, gingivitis etc.

Tartar or calculus teeth, on the other hand, are formed if the dental plaque is not regularly removed from the teeth. The heavy, dense layer of dental plaque slowly transforms into a brown, crusty deposit on the teeth as well as above and below the gum line which is very hard to remove at home. Calculus teeth, if not treated immediately, lead to serious gum issues such as receding gums, periodontitis, and worse, tooth decay.

The main difference between tartar vs plaque is that buildup of plaque is the primary stage and dental plaque can be easily removed with good oral hygiene, regular brushing, and floss; however, in the case of calculus teeth, there is no other treatment but to get tartar removed or scraped by a professional with the help of special, sharp tools.

While you can avoid the formation of tartar at home, it is advisable to brush and floss twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Also, regular visits to the dentist can help you keep your oral health in place. Professional teeth cleaning is done using specialized equipment and skills. Unlike at home, the dental hygienist uses a specific toothpaste and an appropriate force for cleaning your teeth and gums without damaging them. At home, there is a possibility that you end up with sore gums.

10 Ways To Deal With Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very embarrassing problem that many people deal with every day. In this blog, Dr. George Orfaly has listed a few tips to reduce bad breath.

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Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Tips for Oral Care

  • It is advisable to get professional teeth cleaning done every 6 months/ twice a year.

  • Maintain oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once a day.

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth at an angle, in round motions for effective cleaning. Also, make sure that you’re using toothpaste that contains fluoride as fluoride fights bacteria and provides protection against tooth decay.

  • Don’t forget to clean your tongue along with your teeth as your tongue is also a place where bacteria and dental plaque can build up which may end up in bad breath and other dental issues.

Dental Sealants and Fluoride

Does Insurance Cover Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

Most dental insurances cover at least two teeth cleaning visits per year. It is highly recommended that everyone visits their dentist once in six months.

Dental procedures at most companies are grouped into 3 parts: preventive, basic, and major. Teeth cleaning is usually categorized under preventive care. Depending on the plan you choose, the companies cover most of the preventive plans from 80-100%.

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Patient Testimonials

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Deej Twombly
October 7, 2020

Coming to Dr Orfaly is The best decision I could have made. I didn’t have a dentist for years and they saw me when I had an emergency. Now I am getting all of my dental work here, perfect caps, bridges and hygiene. I highly recommend Dr Orfaly and his staff.

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Mica Bolotin
October 28, 2020

After having a negative experience with a filling with a past dentist, I was nervous to go to a new dentist with tooth pain. Dr. Orfaly and team were very understanding and knowledgable when walking me through my options for a cracked tooth. 10/10 would recommend due to their professionalism, attention to detail, and level of care. Thanks team!

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Ashley Spencer
April 1, 2021

Dr Orfaly is the best dentist around! I have alot of anxiety around going to the dentist & Dr Orfaly always makes sure to check in to see how I'm doing & is so nice. If a referral is needed to a specialist, he makes the call for you & gets you an appt quickly (mine was even the same day) I love how they book you with the same dental hygienist for all cleanings.. Adds another level of comfort... Shoutout to mine, Kathy!


Dr. George Orfaly

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Dr. George Orfaly is a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry and has been practicing as a dentist in Salem, MA since 2005. He has consistently improved the lives of his patients by providing them relief, confidence, and healthy smiles. He believes that oral health is directly related to overall health and well-being. Dr. Orfaly has also been an active member of the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, and North Shore District Dental Society.

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