Reveal™ Clear Aligners

Have you always wanted straighter teeth? Don’t want the hassle of the unsightly appearance of braces? Get the smile you’ve always desired with clear aligners from Reveal™.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a series of clear, lightweight plastic trays that correct misaligned teeth in patients with permanent dentition (i.e. all second molars). With continuous gentle forces, clear aligners move teeth gradually to bring them into alignment. The trays are custom-made for each patient based on the mold of his or her teeth.

Don’t settle for unsightly traditional braces. Unlike braces, clear aligners are nearly invisible. They are comfortable, removable, and easy to clean. In many cases, clear aligners require fewer dental appointments, and you don’t need to visit an orthodontic specialist; your general dentist will provide your aligner treatment – this saves you time and money.

Benefits Of Clear Aligners

Reveal™ Clear Aligners are a simple and discreet solution for straighter teeth. The Reveal™ Clear Aligners price also makes it an affordable option for straighter teeth.

Reveal™ Aligners are practically invisible and stay clear throughout treatment – no yellowing or staining. With Reveal™, you wear each tray for two weeks, and they are guaranteed to stay clear throughout the course of treatment.

Most dentist-provided aligner systems require attachments or “buttons” that are glued to your teeth. Attachments can be an aggravation. They require time at the dentist’s office to place on your teeth, and some patients think they are unsightly.

Reveal™ was specially designed to eliminate the need for attachments. Reveal™ uses a unique material and manufacturing process that results in a secure fit to hug the teeth, resulting in tooth movement without attachments.

What Problems Do Reveal™ Clear Aligners Treat?

Reveal™ Clear Aligners are the aligners to treat various misaligned bites and improve the alignment of your teeth and straighten them if needed.

Dr. Orfaly, after a thorough check-up, advises you whether Reveal™ Clear Aligners should be used in your case. Bites are the alignment of your teeth. In case of mild to moderate misalignments, Reveal™ Clear Aligners is always a better option.

Invisalign v.s. Reveal™ Clear Aligners

Dr. George Orfaly has written a blog comparing the two most popular aligners: Invisalign and Reveal™ Clear Aligners. Read more to learn their similarities and differences, and to understand which option is best for you.

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Reveal™ Aligner Treatment At Fisher & Orfaly Dental In Salem, MA

The process for getting Reveal™ Clear Aligners is simple and requires only a few appointments. If you are a candidate for Reveal™ Clear Aligners, you will complete the treatment through your general dentist – there is no need to visit an orthodontist.

You deserve the smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule a consultation with your dentist today to find out if Reveal™ Clear Aligners are right for you.

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What To Expect Post-Clear Aligners Treatment?

With the completion of the treatment begins the maintenance. Once the aligners are permanently removed, retainers are used to keep the alignment in place. There are two types of retainers- fixed, and removable. Dr. Orfaly advises on which type to use depending on individual requirements.

Cost Of Reveal™ Clear Aligners

Reveal™ Clear Aligners price might be a concern for you, but there is no need to be worried. Dental insurance is a dental assistance payment plan, and you can expect to pay a portion of your dental care for most visits. You typically will pay a portion of your dental care whether you choose traditional braces or clear aligners for teeth straightening. In the case of Reveal™ Clear Aligners price insurance policies generally cover Reveal™ Aligners treatment price to the same extent that they cover traditional braces.

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Patient Testimonials

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Deej Twombly
October 7, 2020

Coming to Dr Orfaly is The best decision I could have made. I didn’t have a dentist for years and they saw me when I had an emergency. Now I am getting all of my dental work here, perfect caps, bridges and hygiene. I highly recommend Dr Orfaly and his staff.

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Mica Bolotin
October 28, 2020

After having a negative experience with a filling with a past dentist, I was nervous to go to a new dentist with tooth pain. Dr. Orfaly and team were very understanding and knowledgable when walking me through my options for a cracked tooth. 10/10 would recommend due to their professionalism, attention to detail, and level of care. Thanks team!

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Ashley Spencer
April 1, 2021

Dr Orfaly is the best dentist around! I have alot of anxiety around going to the dentist & Dr Orfaly always makes sure to check in to see how I'm doing & is so nice. If a referral is needed to a specialist, he makes the call for you & gets you an appt quickly (mine was even the same day) I love how they book you with the same dental hygienist for all cleanings.. Adds another level of comfort... Shoutout to mine, Kathy!


Dr. George Orfaly

About Dr. George Orfaly

Dr. George Orfaly is a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry and has been practicing as a dentist in Salem, MA since 2005. He has consistently improved the lives of his patients by providing them relief, confidence, and healthy smiles. He believes that oral health is directly related to overall health and well-being. Dr. Orfaly has also been an active member of the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, and North Shore District Dental Society.

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